Jarkutan complex

Jarkutan and the history of formation of Zoroastrizm.

Archaeological works of recent years to study the monuments of the Bronze Age on the territory of Ancient Bactria, present-day south of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan (Northern Bactria) and Northern Afghanistan (Southern Bactria) allowed us to imagine the process of formation and development of ancient agricultural civilization.

Jarkutan-a unique archaeological reserve, consisting of a huge settled area of about 100 hectares with a strong fortification and ground burials. Extensive area of Jarkutan settlement, availability of a fortified castle, powerful defensive structure and highly developed material culture makes us to consider it as a main centre of Northern Bactrian region in the late Bronze epoch and see early beginnings of a city that developed here time by time.

Complex Jarkutan is also considered to be a unique source for development of cults and religious ideology in the south of Uzbekistan in the II millennium B.C. The history of peoples of Uzbekistan in this period was critical not only in social-political, financial life but in spiritual culture as well.

One of the earliest world religions was Zoroastrizm, its history goes back to thousands years ago. Just in this period, that’s in the second half of the II millennium B.C the earliest towns, irrigation farming, transcontinental trade and proto Zoroastrianism-one of the most ancient religions were formed in the south of Uzbekistan. The temple in Jarkutan maybe distinguished as a proto Zoroastrian, characterizing the cult of fire, water, air. Fire had a dominant role.

Stationary excavations carried out in Jarkutan burial in 1995 by Uzbek-German team of archaeologists gave us rich material for studying the earliest periods of ethnic history of peoples of Central Asia and the culture of ancient tribes of agriculturists at the second half of the II millennium B.C.

During the excavations of Jarkutan more than 1484 ceramic vessels and a great deal of implements: bronze needles, awls, daggers, silicon arrowheads were found. Numerous and various earthenware gives us a complete imagination about ceramics of ancient people.