Sultan Saodat

Memorial complex Sultan Saodat which is at a distance of 3 km from Termez city was developed during the period of XI-XVII centuries at the graves of the Termez Sayyids. By the term Sayyid they understand the descendants of the prophet Muhammad Ar-Rasul. Membership in the family of Sayyids was of great importance because it meant success and support of all kinds for the sayyids. Many religious leaders of Muslim world were related to Termez sayyids ( I.Jomi, S.Termizi, Ali Termizi).

The complex had a number of cult structures added at different times: mausoleums, mosques, hanaqohs, built on the perimeter at an elongated courtyard side. Here are located two large one-chambered, square domed mausoleums. They are joined an aperture terrace with a mihrab place between them, which was used a funeral prayer mosque. The surface of the wall in the form of plain “ribbon”, “fir tree”, “belt” patterns.