Spring tour

In the very beautiful season among all one can enjoy his trip arranging spring tour to Surkhan-Termez. As it gifts guests more oportunity to discover something unusual especially observing Navruz and spring holidays, national games and absolutely ethnographic lifestyle of our peoples.

Sightseeing Time Destination
Day-1 Tashkent- Termez-Boysun 1. Meet with the group at the railway station. Transfer to Jarkhurghan District to visit “Jarkhurghan Minaret” XII c A.D. 10.00. a.m. Termez –Jarkhurghan-Khumkhurghan-Shurchi-Denau-Boysun
2. On the way stop to see the  “Macedon” or “Alexander’s Bridge” XVI c A.D. 11.30. a.m. Khumkhurghan D.C.
3. Archaeological monument “Dalvarzintepa” III-II cc B.C. II-III cc A.D. 12.30. p.m. Shurchi D.C.
Lunch at local Chaykhana-Tea-House 14.00. p.m. Denau city
4 Continue sightseeing tour. Visit to “SayyedOtalikhMedrassah” XVII c A.D. 15.00. p.m. Denau city
5. “Dendrarium’ with the unique gardens and laboratories making experiments on growing variety of tropical and subtropical plants and fruits. 15.40. p.m. Denau city
6. Visiting traditional Bazaar “Al-Habib” 16.30. Denau city
7 Drive to Boysun. Check in at the hotel or Guesthouse. 19.00. p.m. Boysun town
Dinner and overnight at the hotel/guesthouse Bousyn town
Day-2 Boysun-Sherabad-Termez. Breakfast at the hotel/guesthouse. Check out. 07.00. a.m. Boysun town
1. Start sightseeing. Visiting Crafts’ Centre to observe the work process of local crafts ladies weaving carpets or knitting embroidery etc. 08.00. a.m. Boysun town
2. Introducing with the famous craftsman RahmatBobo who makes musical instrument “Chankhovuz” 09.30. a.m. Sarisiyo village of Boysun D.C.
3. Participating in Navruz Festivities, cooking spring dish “Sumalak” and observing horse games “Kupkari” (Buzkashi). Lunch at places. 10.00. a.m. Boysun – Sherobod D.C.
4. Transfer to Muzrabod District. On the way stop to see the unique 1000 y .o. Plane trees which functioned as small medrassahs for teaching village people. 14.00. p.m. Boysun D.C. Sayrob village.
5. Visiting archaeological site “Kampirtepa”  , famous as a fortress built by Alexander the Great IV-III cc B.C.- II-III A.D. 16.00. p.m. Muzrabod D.C.
Drive to Termez. Check in at the hotel. Dinner and overnight at the hotel. 18.00. Termez city
Day-3 Termez and its surroundings Breakfast at the hotel. Check out. 07.00. a.m. Termez city
1. Start sightseeing. Visit to “Zurmala” Buddhist stupa I c B.C. 08.15.a.m. Old Termez
2. Introducing with one of the famous archaeological site with ruins of a large Buddhist  cult-religious centre “Karatepa” II-IV cc A.D. (possible to observe archaeological excavations at the place) 08.30. a.m. Old Termez
3. Visit to “Al-Hakim at-Termiziy’s Mausoleum” and complex X-XIV cc A.D. 09.30. a.m. Old Termez
4. Continue sightseeing with visiting the first Buddhist monastery “Fayoztepa” I-IV cc A.D.which is in the list of  the UNESCO 10.40. a.m. Old Termez
5. Visit to Termez Archaeological Museum to see the rarest artifacts discovered at the ancient sites of the region 11.30. a.m. Termez city
Lunch at local restaurant. 13.00. p.m. Termez city
6. Continue sightseeing tour. Visiting “Kirk-kiz” Palace IX-XV cc A.D.  which functioned as a big educational center for women and later was converted to a residence of local governors 14.30. p.m. Old Termez
7. “Kokildor-ota” Hanaqah XIV c A.D. 15.10. p.m. Old Termez
8. “Sulton-Saodat” Ensemble that rises above the graves of a big “Sayyeds” dynasty. XI-XVII cc A.D. 15.40. p.m. Old Termez
9. At the end of a tour short walk in the local bazaar “Jubilee” to observe and enjoy tasting  local fruits 16.30.p.m. Termez city
Transfer to the railway station and say goodbye to the group. 17.00. p.m. Termez city