2 Days’ pilgrimage sightseeing tour in Termez for Muslims

Dear friends! Here I present you brand new tour program which I called “Sightseeing Pilgrimage Tour” or “Ziyarath Tour” specially for Muslim pilgrims and those who are interested in Islamic science, Sufism. You will have a chance to visit mausoleums of the great Hadith and Sufi scholars who were born in holy Uzbek land and whose valuable scientific, religious works are enriching our knowledge of Islam and understanding of this religion, its canons properly. Visiting architectural monuments and complexes you will be able to get introduced with the unique works of Termez architects who from the times of immemorial were pioneers of town-planning in Central Asia……

 Sights Time Destination
Day-1 Meeting the guests at the hotel/airport/station. 8.30 a.m. Termez city
1 Start sightseeing.Transfer to Sherobod for visiting Muhammad Iso at-Termizi’s Mausoleum XV-XIX cc. 09.00. a.m. Termez city-Sherobod District
 Lunch  at the  local Uzbek restaurant 12.30. a.m. Sherobod  District
2 To continue pilgrimage sightseeing drive back to Termez and visit to Al-Khakim at-Termizi’s  Mausoleum IX- XIV cc A.D 15.30. p.m. Old Termez
3 Sultan Saodat Cult Memorial complex with the family crypt of Termez Sayyeds XI-XVII cc.A.D. 16.30. p.m. Old Termez
4 Kokildor-ota Hanakah of Muslim dervishes XIV-XVII cc.A.D. 17.00.p.m. Old Termez
Dinner at the local restaurant enjoying classic Uzbek music 19.00. p.m. Termez city
  Overnight at the hotel. Termez city
Day-2 Breakfast at the hotel 07.30.a.m. Termez city
1 Start pilgrimage sightseeing. Drive to Denau for visiting Hoja Alauddin Attar’s Mausoleum XIV c. A.D. 08.30.-10.30. a.m. Denau city
2 Visiting local medrassah Sayyed Otalikh XVII c. A.D. 11.30.a.m. Denau city
Lunch at local Chaykhana-Tea House 12.30.a.m. Denau city
3 Continue pilgrimage sightseeing. Transfer to Oltinsoy to visit Sufi Allayor’s Tomb with marvelous Mausoleum XVII c. A.D. 14.40.p.m. Oltinsoy District
4 Jarkhurghan Minaret XII c.A.D. 17.00.p.m. Jarkhurghan District
Drive back to Termez. Dinner at local restaurant. 19.00.p.m. Termez city
Overnight at the hotel