Steps of Alexander the Great in Bactria!

In the exclusively new tour “Following the steps of Alexander in Bactria” you will visit the most outstanding archaeological sites of Surkhan Oasis located in breathtakingly beautiful mountains and riversides, the places where Alexander the Great laid the foundation of great Greco-Bactrian Empire.



Meeting the group in Boysun railway station


Check in at the guest house


8.00. a.m.-9.30.a.m.Boysun District, Boysun town
2Start sightseeing. Visit  ‘Uzundara ‘ Fortress IV-III cc B.C.10.30. a.m.Boysun District
3Drive to Rabot village to visit  ‘Kurghonzo ‘l Fortress III-II cc B.C.12.00. a.m.Boysun District
4Lunch at local Chaykhana- tea-house13.30. p.m.Boysun town
5Continue sightseeing. Drive to  ‘Omonkhona ‘ to visit unique mountain sanatorium15.00. p.m.Boysun District
6Hiking in Boysuntau Mounts with incredibly “Red Canyons”16.00. p.m.Boysun District
7Dinner at local restaurant18.00. p.m.Boysun town
 Overnight at the guest house  
Day-2/1Breakfast at the guest house. Check out.7.00. a.m.Boysun town
2Start sightseeing. Visit to the Crafts’ Centre8.00.a.m.Boysun town
3Drive to Termez along the ancient route of the Great Indian and Great Silk Roads. Watching the lovely riversides with hanging bridges.9.00. a.m.Boysun-Sherobod District
4Visit to “Kampirtepa” Fortress and trade city IV-I cc B.C., I-IV cc A.D.11.30. a.m.Muzrabod District
5Lunch at local restaurant13.00. p.m.Termez city
6Continue sightseeing. Visit to Termez Archaeological Museum with unique exhibition of Bactrian artifacts.14.30. p.m.Termez city
7To finish the sightseeing program with making  a short excursion of Termez city. Visiting Local bazaar.15.10.p.m.Termez city
8Drive to the railway station. Saying good-bye!16.00. p.m.Termez city