2 Days’ pilgrimage sightseeing tour in Termez for Buddhists

 Sights Time Destination
Day-1 Meeting the guests at the hotel/airport/station. 8.30 a.m. Termez city
1 Start sightseeing from visiting Zurmala Buddhist stupa I c. B.C.-I-IV cc. A.D. 09.00. a.m. Old Termez
2 Karatepa –cult religious Buddhist centre of  II-IV cc. A.D.  10.00. a.m. Old Termez
3  Fayoztepa- Buddhist monastery ruins  I-IV cc.A.D. 11.30. a.m. Old Termez
Lunch at the local restaurant 13.00. p.m. Termez city
4 Continue pilgrimage sightseeing tour with visiting Termez Archaeological museum 14.30.p.m. Termez city
5 Lecture of prominent Uzbek  archaeologists who researched ancient Buddhist monasteries of Old Termez 16.00. p.m. Termez city
  Dinner at the local restaurant. Overnight at the hotel 19.00.p.m. Termez city
Day-2 Breakfast at the hotel 07.30.a.m. Termez city
1 Start pilgrimage sightseeing. Drive to Shurchi  for visiting Dalvarzintepa archaeological monument III-II cc.B.C.-I-IV cc A.D. 08.30.-10.30. a.m. Shurchi District
2 Visit to famous Japanese archaeologist   K. Kato’s House and Archaeological research centre 11.30.a.m. Shurchi District
Round table discussions about the history and wide spread of Buddhism in Bactria-Tokharistan
Lunch at local Chaykhana-Tea House (or Sensey k.Kato’s House) 13.00.p.m. Shurchi  District
3 Drive back to Termez. Dinner at the hotel or local restaurant 19.00.p.m. Termez city
Overnight at the hotel Termez city

“Sightseeing Pilgrimage tour for Buddhists” offers you a good chance to fulfill your pilgrimage to the oldest and most unique Buddhist monasteries of ancient Bactria-Tokhariston. In addition, it gives you big opportunity to meet with the prominent Uzbek archaeologists who devoted their lives in researching the history of Buddhism, its widespread in Central Asia, as well as contribution of Kushan (Guyshuang) Dynasty in the development of the Great Indian-Great Silk Roads and improving relations with Far East…..