Four Day Tour

The exciting Four-Day Cultural tour will open you the amazing history and culture of Surkhan. You will enjoy the greatness of culture of world-known ancient monuments.
11st Day of a tour
Meeting the guests at the airport
Check in at the hotel …
11.25 a.m.Termez International Airport
2Having lunch at the12.00 a.m.Termez city
3Start sightseeing
Archaeological museum
13.00. p.m.Termez city
4Al-Khakim at-Termiziy Mausoleum IX-XIV cc A.D.14.00. p.m.Old Termez
5Fayaztepa Buddhist temple II-IV cc A.D.15.00.p.m.Old Termez
6Museum of EthnographyXX c A.D.16.00.p.m.Termez city
7Diningat a localrestaurant
 Overnight in Termez Termez city
 2nd Day of a tour
Meeting at the hotel Silk Road
8.30. a.m.Termez city
1Start sightseeing
Karatepa Buddhist temple III-IV cc A.D.
8.45. a.m.Old Termez
2Jarkurgan Minaret XI-XII cc A.D.9.30 a.m.Jarkurgan D.C.
3Macedon Bridge XVI c A.D.10.30.a.m.Kumkurgan D.C.
4Dalvarzintepa Kushan capital II-IV cc A.D.11.30. a.m.Shurchi D.C.
 Lunch at a local restaurant12.30. a.m.Denau city
5Sayyid Otaliq Medressah XVII c A.D.13.30. p.m.Denau city
6Visiting a traditional bazaar14.00.p.m.Denau city
7Move to 90 km
 Dining at a local restaurant18.00.p.m.Boysun town
 Overnight in BoysunGuest HouseBoysun town
 3rd Day of a tour
Meeting at a guest house
8.30.a.m.Boysun town
1Start sightseeing
Visiting Craftsmen’s Centre Observing work process
8.40.a.m.Boysun town
2Visiting Old Craftsmen’s houses, Observing work process9.30Boysun D.C.
3Visiting Omonkhona Health Sanatorium12.00. a.m.Boysun D.C.
 Having lunch in Omonkhona12.30. p.m.Boysun D.C.
 Move to Sherobod D.C.13.30 p.m.Boysun-Sherobod 70 km
4Pilgrimage toKhodja Imom Iso at-Termeziy Mausoleum XIV c A.D.14.30 p.m.Sherobod D.C.
5Jhujaikon Salt Sanatorium
XIX cc A.D.
16.00. p.m.Sherobod D.C. Tuzkon village
6Ancient karezs IV-III cc B.C.17.00. p.m.Sherobod D.C. Aktash village
 DinnerPlov ceremonyinAktash
14th Day of a tour
After breakfast
Move to Termez through Muzrabod D.C.
7.30. a.m.At a local house
Sherobod-Muzrabod-Termez 80 km
2Kampirtepe-a citadel of Alexander the Great IV-III cc B.C.-II-IV cc A.D.8.30. a.m.Muzrabod D.C.
3Kirk-kiz Palace IX c A.D.9.30 a.m.Old Termez
4Kokildor-ota Hanaqah XVI c A.D.10.00 a.m.Old Termez
5Sulton-Saodat cult-memorial complex XI-XVII cc A.C.10.20 a.m.Old Termez
 Drive to the Airport11.00 a.m.Termez International Airport
 Saying Good-bye!