Salt cave “Hodzhaikon"-miracle of God

Hujaikon is a name of famous all over CIS countries biggest salt mine that is situated in Sherobod D.C. on the southeast slope of the ridge of foothills Kugitangtau at 650 m above sea level in the village Chorbogh. Treating caves in these mountains are a unique construction and the engineering with length of 144.5 m consisting of 5 chambers, of volume to 965 cubic meters. Walls and ceilings of the cave naturally covered with a layer of salt thickness from 1 to 3 meters, is the formation of stalactites. In his way passes through a spring, a solution containing salts.

According to the Termez affiliation of the Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy named after NA Semashko in the cave had created a unique microclimate, air temperature during the year is kept in the range of 17-21 C, atmospheric pressure is about 700 mm Hg. Art. Relative humidity 50-70%. Concentration of salts in the cave reaches 4,7-5,9 mg m3, consisting of sodium chloride dominated (98%), also contain salts of magnesium, potassium, iron hydroxide and 20 trace elements.