The discovery of ancient settlement of Dalvarzintepa which is situated at a distance of 120 km from Termez not far from Shurchi town was the notable event in the history of world culture. Dalvarzintepa is a splendid archaeological monument of Kushan Empire with an area of more than 7 hectares. According the opinion of a famous archaeologist researching Dalvarzintepa, Bakhodir Turgunov it was a first capital of Kushan state in Bactria. His view is proved with the cultural layers of this huge town where numerous sculptures of Kushan Emperors were found. Moreover, there was found the second Buddhist complex with Buddha and Bodhisatva statuettes, as well as Bactrian temple with the wall paintings with the images of priests and kids. The vivid monument of the epoch is the “golden” treasure weighing 36 kg excavated in Dalvarzintepa consisting of the articles, trappings made of gold, silver and precious stones.