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One of the most visited places in Boysun is the salubrious spring of Omonkhona. Its water has a temperature of about 13°C and posses properties to cure liver diseases. For improvement of health it is recommended to drink this water during 7-10 days. A good curative effect may also be obtained by taking a bath filled by the water of Omonkhona. At the end of the last century a small sanatorium was build near the spring. Treatment here use not only water but also tinctures and oils from rock herbs and wild almonds. The spring is in a very beautiful canyon. Overhanging rocks create natural niches canopies to shelter visitors in hot weather. Near the spring is a cave used by local inhabitants as a refrigerator. Foodstuffs in the cave can be stored for up to half a year. Local inhabitants consider Omonkhona as a holy place. On a high rock is the mazaar of Khoja Sulton Vali. The name “Vali” in Central Asia is usually given to people has the gift of foretelling the future. At the spring were buried the Saint himself, his mother and three sons. The holiness of Omonkhona is also proved by the presence of numerous clans of ishans and khojas in the nearby kishlak; in the past reached thousands of people. According to local legend Omonkhona was the last haven of the spiritual pir (master) of Amir Temur. This perhaps refer to Sayid Umar, the son of Baha ad-Din Naqshband’s mentor Sayid Amir Kulal. It is known that he died in a place called Band-I Ohanin or Darband-i Ohanin, and was re-buried after one year. His grave is generally considered to be in Gur-i Emir Mausoleum, nearthat of Amir Temur.