Termez city

There are few cities in Uzbekistan that have been awarded with a special “Order of Amir Temur” Among them was modern Termez city. Being one of the strategic and military cities of Uzbekistan, Termez was honoured with the “Order of Amir Temur” in 2014.

Present-day Termez as an administrative centre and the biggest city of Surkhandarya Province is located in the southernmost part of Uzbekistan. Therefore the city is considered as the main southern gate of our country.
It has a history of about 130 years.

Termez city being located on a right bank of the legendary Amudarya-Oxus river occupies an area of over 36 square km and its population is about 200.000 inhabitants. Majority are Uzbeks, Tajiks, Turkmen, Afghans, Russians, Ukrainians and Tatars.

After Independence of Uzbekistan great changes have taken place in the economic and cultural life of Termez and its people. Since this period the city was totally opened for international tourists. A lot of new projects on giving a modern image to the city were fulfilled within the years of independence.

In 2007 on the occasion of building Tashguzar-Termez-Kumkurgan-Boysun railway, the financial level of Termez started increasing. Passing the railway through Termez which joins Uzbekistan with neighbouring Afghanistan, Pakistan and India plays considerable role in political and financial life of the city.

New theatre buildings, attractive museums, beautiful parks, highly designed hotels and restaurants are the vivid examples of the increasing economic level of Termez. International Festivals, scientific and cultural events of international importance and different Sports Events which are increasingly attracting international auditorium are regularly held in the city.