The ancient kishlak of Sairob is located to the south from the Iron Gate at distance equal to one day’s walk. The ruins of a medieval settlement (11th -beginning of the 13th century) are preserved on the natural terrace of the right bank of the Sherabad Darya. A long rocky ridge resembling a dragon’s back protects the kishlak on the east. Sairob is one of the major centers of folk crafts in Boysun. Carpet weaving and artistic embroidery, woodcarving, manufacture of leather products, yurts, musical instruments and felt are made here. Caravans once stopped in Sairob, and now long-distance buses do. The first sight of Sairob is a grove of centuries-old plane trees. Two of them have huge hollows which could hold up to ten people. The museum of folk crafts is located in them. In the center of Sairob, over against the grove, is a spring with sacred fish taken care of by the local people. It is said that looking at silvery fish could improve eyesight. The Mazar of Khodja Muhammad Shah is located on the cemetery mound. The old gravestones -“kabrtosh” of yellow-red stone, can be nearby.