Dr Julian Droogan

My colleague and I, both from the Art Gallery of NSW Australia, had the great pleasure to visit Termez for two days and be guided by the charming and lovely Rayhon. We were astounded and overwhelmed by the rich art and archaeological treasures of the region and only wished that we could have stayed much longer. Rayhon took us to the ancient Greek, Bactrian and Kushan archaeological ruins on the Amu Darya as well as the Buddhist sites in the surrounding regions. We also had a very informative and thorough guiding of the excellent archeological museum. Rayhon also took us to the mausoleum of At-Termini where she gave us one of the best descriptions and explanations of Sufism, the mystical branch of Islam. Her descriptions were from the heart and much appreciated. Through the tour Rayon showed such warmth, depth of personal experience and true affection for the region and its amazing history and culture. We really enjoyed our time in Termez and I hope to return for a longer visit so that I can explore some of the other natural and cultural sites in the surrounding hills. Rayhon is an excellent guide, with a depth of knowledge as well as all the heartfelt honesty, generosity and friendliness that the Ubek people display regularly. Thank you Rayon.

With best wishes,
Julian Droogan