Kholchayon is a complex of Greeko-Bactrian and Kushan period (IV c B.C.-V c A.D.) is located on the territory of Denau D.C. of Surkhandarya Province. It consists of several Tepes (hills)- Khonakhohtepa, Kharabaghtepa and Maslakhatepa. It was researched in 1959-63 by a group of scientists of the Art Criticism Institute under the leadership of G.A. Pughachenkova.The remainders of a king’s palace dating back to the II-I cc B.C. were found in Khonakhohtepa. The construction was in rectangular form 35x26m, with an Aivan in central fa?ade. Wooden columns were fixed on bases made of limestone. Panels and upper parts of a hall and avian walls were decorated with wall-paintings. According to G.A. Pughachenkova the castle belonged to Herais, a commanders-in-chief of Guyshuan, one of the most powerful tribes of the Yuezchi . Her opinion is based on the wall-paintings with the images of Herais and coins minted during his reign. Numerous spears, a big golden order, golden adornments, a piece of a silken fabric, various kinds of goblets, ceramic vessels and terracotta statuettes were found in the rooms of palace. Besides, more than 50 coins of different epochs were excavated in Kholchayon, of which the most ancient are a silver coin Demetrius, a greeko-bactrian king (II c B.C.), a tetradrakhm of Heliocles (156-140 B.C.), coins of Kushan kings as Kadphises I, Kadphises II, Kanishka, Khuvishka, Vasudeva I, Vasudeva II that were widely spread not only in Southern Bactria but in Northern Bactria as well.