Sights Time Destination
1 Meeting the guests at the hotel … (or at the airport) 8.30. a.m.-11.00 a.m. Termez city
2 Start sightseeing
Archaeological museum
8.40. a.m. Termez city
3 Al-Khakim at-Termiziy Mausoleum IX-XIV cc A.D. 10.30. a.m. Old Termez
4 Karatepa Buddhist temple II-IV cc A.D. 11.30.a.m. Old Termez
5 Having lunch at a local restaurant 12.30. a.m. Termez city
6 Zurmala-Buddhist stupa I c B.C. 13.00 p.m. Old Termez
7 Fayaztepa Buddhist temple II- IV cc B.C. 13.30.p.m. Old Termez
8 Jarkurgan Minaret XII c A.D. 14.40.p.m. Jarkurgan D.C.
9 Kirk-kiz (fourty girls) Palace IX c A.D. 16.00. p.m. Old Termez
10 Sulton-Saodat cult-memorial complex XI-XVII cc A.D. 16.30. p.m. Old Termez
11 Drive back to the hotel Dinner at Caravan restaurant Termez city
1 Meeting at the hotel 8.30 a.m. Termez city
Start sightseeing
Kampirtepe-a citadel of Alexander the Great IV-III cc B.C.-III-IV cc A.D.
9.00 a.m. Muzrabod District
2 Visiting a museum of Local Lore (Ethnography) 10.00 a.m. Termez city
3 Driving to the airport, seeing the guests off
Saying Good-bye!
11.00 a.m. Old Termez

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