Archaeological research works held in the Surkhan region prove that crafts were highly developed here more than two thousand years before. During the process of studying Sopolli Culture of the Bronze Age it was found out that types of crafts as pottery, exquisite workmanship and town-building were developed a lot. Elegant ceramic wares from Sopollitepa and Jarkutan that were excavated during the archaeological research works is the evidence that pottery as one of the most ancient types of crafts was in its best way of development in Bactria. Potters’ craft in different parts of the region was developed correspondingly with the needs of people. Elegant and sonorous ceramic wares of Sopollitepa and Jarkutan were made on special potter’s wheel and still deserve attention. At present following their fore fathers a famous craftsman of Sherobod District as Kudrat Asrorov is considered as one of the founders and talented representatives of Sherobod school of pottery. As well as other old generations of Sherobod potters he tried to develop this skill trying to enrich the methods and design of ceramic wares. Being inspired of a beautiful nature of the Sherobod landscape and his deep respect to humanity he created incredibly interesting and attractive kinds of ceramic vases, pots and a lot of different jugs. In 2000 K.Asrorov was awarded with the title of People’s Artist by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I.A.Karimov.

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