The mausoleum of Imam Isa Muhammad at-Termiziy is located in Sherobod District at a distance of 70 km from Termez city. This mausoleum is of rectangular shape with 3 domes, placed as a suite with four rooms. Right in the centre of the mosque there is a burial vault with an old Sagana (tombstone). The longitudinal facades of the building were cut into six arched bays in the shape of П. The arches were decorated with “ribbon” type design that is peculiar to the medieval architecture of Tohariston. In the whole Islamic world the name of Imam Isa at-Termiziy or al-Bugiy (his nickname) is very famous as he greatly contributed to the development of Islam gathering the Khadithes of his Majesty Muhammad ar-Rasul. He was born in 209/824 in the village Bug, in a poor family. He spent all his life in Termez where his second name at Termizi comes. Muhammad at Termizi showed a great interest for various sciences, especially for prophet’s Khadith from his early ages. Being a favorite student of Imam al-Buhariy, he followed his Master continuing his way of writing theological works.

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