Ancient ancestors of Surkhan people formed their specific lifestyle getting adopted to the geographical-territorial and natural conditions. Natural conditions and socio-economical development formed specific features in lifestyle, culture and national feelings. Economic activity, material culture, spiritual life, customs and traditions were formed based on these features. Villages in Surkhandarya are mainly spread in mountain and foothill areas. In this very new and exclusively unusual tours dear guests and visitors of Surkhan-Termez will have a great chance to travel to the villages and in addition visit houses of village people. One can have opportunity to watch usual householding, that is, cooking delicious meals in clay fireoven, baking Uzbek bread in Tandur, milking cow and preparing homecheese. And peculiarity of such tours in that, one can be a part of all this process. Craftsmen of villages as blacksmiths, potters and Tandur makers will happily introduce you with their workshops, for sure, possible to practice all of it in the place. In this tour I mainly offer mountain villages of Boysun, Sherobod and Jarkurghan areas. So Lets start these tours with me!

Zarautsay located deep in the Kuhitang Mountains is still mysterious keeping in its Kamars petroglyphs representing beliefs and customs of ancient civilization of primitive peoples. It was easy to plan but indeed hard to reach Zarautsay with its lovely and untouched nature

The US embassador Mr. G. Krol and his team were deeply impressed by their visit to the Surkhandarya Region, especially

The revival and development of our rich history, unrepeated cultural heritage and unique traditions of Uzbek nation and especially bringing up the new generation in the spirit of love to the Motherland is one of the basic principles of the policy of our government. By the initiative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I.A.karimov additional programs are carried out to maintain and realize the state policy concerning the youth of Uzbekistan. Traditional Uzbek musical instruments are defined with their colorfulness and the ways they are played. One of the very popular musical instruments almost in most Asian countries is Changqovuz. This kind of musical instrument is widely spread in the Surkhan oasis. Changqovuz is usually made of metal but in the ancient times local peoples used camel bones.

XVIII Tashkent International Touristic Fair that went on for 3 days gathered all peoples of Uzbekistan Regions into one big family representing the Culture of hospitality and traditions peculiar to them. Representatives of more than 700 companies enjoyed the concert show of openig ceremony of TITF which took place in central hall Atrium. This time I had an opportunity to participate in this wonderful event as a hotel Manager

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